When you purchase an Athlee camera, we recommend you obtain the following accessories to get the best video feedback experience Athlee has to offer.

  • Recommendations for iPads

    If you intend to store many videos, we recommend you have an iPad with a storage capacity of 128GB or 256GB. Please note that Athlee supports iPads and iPhones made from 2020 and onwards.

  • Recommendations for iPad mounts

    There are many different types of mounts to choose from and the right one for you depends on how you intend to use your Athlee cameras for video feedback. However, to ensure the best video feedback experience, we recommend you acquire a foldable and adjustable mount. This will ensure that your swimmers can see the screen from any poolside angle.

  • Recommendations for waterproof covers

    To protect your iPad from damage from water and dirt, we recommend that you acquire a waterproof cover with a waterproof rating of IP68. Please remember to check that the cover fits your specific iPad.

  • Apple TV

    In order to view your streaming on a big screen, we recommend you acquire an AppleTV for ease of use. Please see our step-by-step guide for how to set up your AppleTV here.

Please note that Athlee is not liable for damages or performance failures as a result of using external equipment.

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