How to connect the Athlee Camera to a big screen

There are several ways in which you can view your Athlee video footage on a big screen. You can either connect the camera via a cable or wirelessly through Apple TV. Scroll down to read further instructions.

How to connect the Athlee camera to your AppleTV

In order to use your Athlee Camera with Apple TV, you will first need to set up your TV per the instructions provided by Apple TV.

You can find the Apple TV instructions here.

Note! Use your own Wi-Fi, when connecting the TV to the Apple TV.

1. When your Apple TV has been set up, turn on your Athlee camera and bring the camera within Wi-Fi range of your Apple TV. 

2. On your Apple TV, navigate to “setting-network” and find the Athlee camera network (Athlee-xxx) and connect to it. 

3. Connect your iPad or iPhone device to the Athlee camera network. Your Apple TV and iPad/iPhone are now connected to the same Athlee Wi-Fi network. 

4. Once this is done, open your Athlee app and use the “screenshare/screen mirror function” on your Apple device. You will now see the content of your device on the TV.

Note! If you want your Apple TV to automatically connect to the Athlee network in the future, we suggest you remove other Wi-Fi networks on your Apple TV. Once the Athlee Wi-Fi network is the only Wi-Fi network available on the Apple TV, the Apple TV will automatically connect to the Athlee Wi-Fi network next time you turn on the Athlee camera.

If you have a pool Wi-Fi that you also need the Apple TV to work with, and if the pool Wi-Fi is on, your Apple TV will most likely connect to your pool Wi-Fi once the Athlee camera is turned off. It will probably stay connected to the pool Wi-Fi network for as long as the pool Wi-Fi is turned on, even if you turn on the Athlee camera again. 

In case you need to be able to also use your Apple TV with the pool Wi-Fi, you probably don’t want to delete the pool Wi-Fi from your Apple TV (unless you use the pool Wi-Fi very rarely). In this case you will need to change the Wi-Fi network to the Athlee network on your Apple TV manually each time.

How to connect your iPad/iPhone to a big screen via cable

1. Plug a USB-C Display AV Adapter or a USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter into the charging port on the iPad.

2. Connect an HDMI or VGA cable to the adapter.

3. Connect the other end of the HDMI or VGA cable to the display, TV, or projector.

4. You should now be able to see the video streaming from your Athlee camera on the screen.

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