• One Minute Setup

    Set up takes less than 60 seconds.

    Power on the camera, put it in the water, open the app, and go. Focus on what you do best: coaching.

  • Instant Live Video

    Never waste time transferring files again.

    Athlee strips away the stress of transfers, by instantly streaming live HD video playback to your iPad/tablet.

  • Live Slow Motion

    Enjoy up to 10 minutes of real-time slow motion footage, allowing you to deeply analyse each swimmer before they leave the pool.

  • Complete Freedom

    With no wires tying you down like other systems, you have complete freedom to position Athlee anywhere you like. Use it in any pool, inside or outdoors.

  • Big Battery

    Take advantage of up to 6 hours of live streaming thanks to Athlee's strong rechargeable battery. Use it for multiple teams , without having to charge it between sessions. 

  • Multiple Streams

    Swimmers can view themselves up to four times per lap, all with separate delays (from 0-60 seconds). Allow them to truly nail their technique.

Why Do Coaches Love Athlee?

With instant live video streaming, Athlee removes the need for coaches to act as cameramen, video editors, and IT technicians.

In short, Athlee allows swim coaches to be swim coaches again

This ease of use saves both time and energy, allowing coaches to offer instant feedback to more swimmers with no hassle

No need to transfer, find and edit files - swimmers can view their technique while still in the pool. Instant feedback such as this makes your job easier.

This is the tool swim coaches have been looking for.

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