30 seconds setup. Endless streaming possibilities. No wires or cables. The ultimate video feedback solution for swimming!

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  • "For me as a coach, Athlee is a complete game-changer. For years, we're been searching for a tool that was easy-to-use and didn't require all this extra equipment. Athlee is just that and so much more."
    Mike Koleber, ASCA President & Head Coach at Nitro Swimming.

  • “With Athlee we get tons of video feedback. without sacrifizing any pool deck practice time setting up. But just as important, the quality of the communication with my swimmers to develop their technique has improved too.”

    Bo Jacobsen, Olympic Coach.

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Plunge. Press. Play.

With no cables or additional equipment tying you down, Athlee makes it astonishingly simple to live-stream, record and share videos.

The built-in WiFi allows everything to work seamlessly together, so you can focus on taking your technical training to the next level, no matter the pool location.

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Athlee is more than just a toolset. It’s a new way of progressing together faster.

With a bold vision for the future of technical training, Athlee motivates and empowers swimmers of all ages and abilities to achieve their dreams.

With just one button to push, any swimmer can quickly set up, live stream or record their strokes by connecting their own tablet or phone to the camera.

Turning your directions into tangible actions. Anywhere, Anytime. (...And even without the coach nearby)

Create your perfect camera solution.

No matter how many Athlee cameras you have, you can create and customize the video feedback solution you want. Whether you want to view multiple angles or multiple swimmers, you add up to four different streams and view them simultaneously.

Immersing you in more detail than ever before.

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Trusted by coaches and swimmers across Europe, the US and Canada from local meets to the Olympics.


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