The difference between Athlee and TV-based solutions

We have made a full side-by-side comparison between Athlee and TV-based solutions, so you can easily view and compare specifications and features.

  • The Athlee Solution


    Solution: App-based feedback solution

    Operator needed: No

    Usability: Easy

    Setup time: under 60 seconds

    Flexibility: Dynamic

    Wireless: Yes

    Share capability: Yes, through AirDrop, mail and Google Drive.

    Number of Users: Up to 5 users can connect to the same camera simultaneously and stream/record independently to their own device.

    Equipment requirements: For every forth camera you need a Tablet.

    Equipment Lifetime: doesn't need any regular replacement

    Weatherproof: Yes, Athlee can be deployed in any kind of weather.

    To-go capability: Yes

    Video Smoothness: 60 pfs

    Connectivity: No public or pool WiFi needed, Athlee connects automatically through it's own reliable built-in WiFi.

    Lanes covered: 2 lanes

    Features: Livestream, delay, slowmotion, recording, split-screen view, comparison functionality, peer-to-peer training, self-training.

  • The Poolside Live Solution


    Solution: TV-based video feedback solution

    Operator needed: Yes, the coach

    Usability: X

    Setup time: 10 - 15 min.

    Flexibility: stationary

    Wireless: No

    Share capability: No

    Number of users: 1 - Only one user can connect to the camera.

    Equipment requirements: For each camera you need a TV-screen, TV-cart, PoE Switch, Apple TV, cables, power cables, remote controller.

    Equipment Lifetime: replacement every 2-3 years because off standard electronic equipment that is not suited for pool environments.

    Weatherproof: No, can only be deployed indoor.

    To-go capability: No

    Video Smoothness: 30fps.

    Connectivity: Through wires and Public WiFi or Pool WiFi.

    Lanes covered: 2 lanes

    Features: depends on the system.

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