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Athlee is as much a Software company as it's a Hardware company. Athlee continuously work closely with coaches to develop even greater software. Being on the Athee Player Lite subscription plan means you will get access to all future updates to the app, so let's look at some of the most recent releases of the Athlee Player Lite app.

Newest features

Voice annotation: 
Record your voice and instructions on the videos you share with your swimmers.

Draw annotation: 
Draw lines, calculate angles, and measure times with our drawing tool when you want to dive into detailed video feedback.

Free Overwater camera (beta):
Use the built-in camera on your iPad with the Athlee app. This enables you to run an underwater stream from the Athlee camera simultaneously with an overwater stream from the built-in camera of the iPad. 

In 2024, we will release some fascinating and most wanted features, especially on the ease of sharing videos with swimmers. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Watch David Marsh (Cal Bears) use the Athlee annotation feature

David Marsh used the drawing and voice recording features of the Athlee app to create this video for his swimmer. They were working on correcting the swimmer's head position on the breakout. After practice, the swimmer airdropped the recording from the team's iPad onto her iPhone.

David Marsh, Universtity of California Berkeley

Introduction to the new features in the Athlee Player Lite App

Watch the newest features released in the Athlee Player Lite App

Athlee App update

What you get with the Athlee subscription plan

All future Athlee Player Lite App updates:
You will get access to all new app features whenever we build them.

Your plan includes all coaches on your team:
Your subscription plan is flat, covering all coaches within your organization. So you do not have to pay an added subscription to bring in more coaches.

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