Charging and storing your Athlee camera

Follow our 5 recommendations for charging and storing your Athlee camera to extend the battery life and performance of your Athlee camera.

1. Always use the charger we provided with your Athlee camera.

NB! If you don’t have your charger and need to use a different one, consider that it must be a USB-C PD (fast charging technology) charger, and anything with 45W and above is ideal.

2. Charge and store at room temperature, ideally at 20° C (68° F).

3. Avoid storing the camera in humid places. 

4. In storage, the battery will self-discharge at a small rate. To ensure you have enough power to record and/or livestream at next day's practice, we recommend charging the your Athlee camera at night, after each practice.

5. If you plan to store your camera for an extended period (in between seasons, for example), charge the battery to 100% once a month; this will help to extend the longevity of your Athlee camera's battery.

Battery indicator signals